After our failed careers as Sex phone operators (shout out to Drake), we decided that we still wanted to fulfill your needs. But we had to go legit. This was how Unscripted Podcast came to be ( not really) ! 

Listen to our episodes, old and new, where topics include, food, sex, politics, and life.  Below, you can listen to all episodes through Itunes or Libsyn, and we even included an episode preview from each season. Also, while you're listening SUBSCRIBE RATE AND SHARE!


NPR- Season 3

The baddest bitches online and in your hood return with more fuckery in the world. We just  N***AS Podcasting Realness


Booked and Busy Season 2 — Part 2

Episodes 20-15 

So many changes are happening in the world and within our lives. From moving,  getting new jobs to going to school . Yes yall, Lish and Lindsey are being Booked and Busy and still having to deal with the fuckery of 45. But hey, we still holding it down here


Booked and Busy-Season 2 — Part 1

Episodes 15-1


Welcome to an all new season of Unscripted Podcast

We listened and watched what yall had said and shortened the episodes...a bit.  This season with the way things are going with 45, the content has of course changed up but we are still are the same sophisticated ladies you love.


Podcast Cherry Pop-Season 1

Episodes 1-160

Yes, we did 160 episodes in one year.  Our first season. Our first time podcasting. Y'all we went from having 6 hosts down to two within months  But we made the best  of it.  Topics in these episodes include life, career, entertainment and of course everybody's favorite , sex and weed.