Yall better get your pocketbooks, wallets and Crown Royal Bags ready !


Instead of selling ankle and bare knee pics on an OnlyFans account, Lish has decided to use one of her many talents to her advantage ! In case you didn’t know, our girl Lish loves anything that has to do with beauty. ESPECIALLY makeup . Shout out to @playinginmakeup. But besides makeup, Lish loves jewelry and sometimes even making it.

For the past few years, Lish had wanted to get back into her old passion of making and selling beautiful and bold jewelry. Yet, it was hard to find the time. With working, taking care of her family and trying to get time to herself, creating jewelry had to be put on the back burner. We all know that being consumed with work and taking care of others can be quite mentally and physically draining, and Lish realized that one of her peaceful happy places was when she was making jewelry.

Recently and thankfully, Lish has decided to get back into the jewelry making business. Like her personality and makeup, these pieces (earrings and jewelry) are BOLD. They are for any and everyone and you all should check out purchase several pieces. Just look at the few pieces below :

SEEEEEEEE….dont those look beautiful ?!?!

Well you yourself can purchase them and many other similar items from Lish’s Poshmart online store. Take your ass and wallet over there by CLICKING ON THE IMAGE BELOW and support our girl at her Poshmart site, Alicia Allen’s Closet.