A few days ago, I saw the words Bitch Im A Cow trending. I thought to myself "hmmm Nicki's Queen album did just come out. WTF is she thinking with that wack ass line ?."

Welp last night I finally googled Moo and it turns out that its a video by artist Doja Cat and guess what? I fucking love this catchy ass song and this video. What makes it even better was that after my first viewing of it, I knew she was trolling the shit out of us with those simple ass lyrics and her shitty green screen capabilities.

This bih is up here rapping/singing about being a bad bitch cow and not a cat in front of a Windows 2010 home screen. Yeah you know the one with the green pasture? Shes giving us puns galore! Shes stuffing her face with a burger and shake! Shes giving us wig changes,  twerking, and anime titties ! 

Again this video isnt for those woke ass music listeners. Doja herself stated that shes was just having fun before a shoot and got inspired by her cow print outfit. I actually started listening to her other music and shes pretty good and a goof ball. She gives me Kali Ulchis vibes after watching and listening to her music.

Yall need to WATCH THIS CATCHY ASS SHIT and more of Doja's work.



This week as I was scrolling through twitter, I saw that Doja was trending and sadly it was for a fucked up reason. She tweeted out about her questioning if shes cool with the "gays". But she added a "sprinkle" of homophobic slurs in that tweet. It was digusting and hurtful toward the people LGBTQ community. She was called out on it and of course she went straight for Apple Notes to write an apology. I wont stand for this kind of fuckery towards people from any community. If the bitch didnt want a career anymore she couldve went about it in a different not throwing slurs around. She can go...bye girl..bye