Cardi Will Be Just Fine As a Mommy. Y’all Weird AF... (a rant)


People are weird.

I say this daily.

Several times daily, actually. 

Humans have babies all the time. Everyday. There was a baby born literally like 1 second ago as you were reading this post. And guess what will happen after the baby is born?? The parents will eventually resume their lives and get back to work. That goes for hourly workers and multi millionaire entertainers alike.

It’s funny how you see more congratulatory words and sentiments for dudes with 17 kids and no job than you do for a young lady that is expecting her first baby and currently has a successful career. And this isn’t all women. We pick and choose who we support and use excuses for why when truthfully, there is no excuse. Nobody was questioning how/when/if Bey would ever make another album or tour again on either pregnancy announcement. No one was dissecting her life/relationship apart saying that having a baby could be detrimental or dumb even though we all know Jay is a self proclaimed fuck boy. But as soon as Cardi’s pregnancy announcement came out, that’s when the fake concern started. And the harsh critiques.



Tell the truth. You aren’t really that invested in whether Offset will be a good dad or cheat on her again. You don’t truly care that he has other children with other women, your fav Future has 3000 kids with 4500 different women. Your soul isn’t shook because of what this could mean for a delayed tour.

You’re simply doing what everyone else does to unapologetic and loud brown girls and being super fucking hypocritical and I honestly don’t know or understand why.

End. Rant.